Saturday, May 5, 2012

Photo Number 866

Sometimes I run onto a photo where someone has been cut out of the photo, or photos that are are cut into strange shapes. I found this one at the Antique Shop in Duluth Minnesota.

Cut out of a photo Duluth

Was someone else in this photo?  What kind of frame would fit this photo?  Sadly we may never know as the photo is unmarked.

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  1. That is one chewed up looking photo. I wonder if it put into a circular frame with other photos cut the same eay?

  2. Some of these old photo mounts just crumble with age. I have one of my great grandmother and as I took it to the framer the corners just sort of fell apart! This one looks like it might have been cut into that shape on purpose and then age is causing it to crumble more.


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