Monday, May 7, 2012

Photo Number 868

This week we will look at some photos of Women/Mothers/Grandmothers and babies! Some will have names and some will not.
This is a Real Photo Postcard from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota. Postcard Jimmie Montgomery and his mom D L Antiques
Jimmie Montgomery and his Mother Mrs. George MontgomeryPostcard Jimmie Montgomery and his mom D L Antiques back
This Cyko Postcard was used from 1904 to 1920.

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Update from Iggy:
There is a likely possibility that this is Jimmie
James, born 1914 in North Dakota to George H. and Erma (Irma). If so his father died in 1917 and his mother in 1937..both are buried in Inkster, Grand Forks County, North Dakota.Grand Forks ND.


  1. Going only by proximity, as there are a lot of James Montgormery's son of George.. I think this might be:

    James, born 1914 in North Dakota to George H. and Erma (Irma).
    I wouldn't bet the family farm on it - but I think its worth following up.

    1. Thanks Iggy..could be..we will wait to see if any relatives show up! :)

  2. Little Jimmy has gushy cheeks that I want to pinch!

  3. If the little Jimmy is the one I found, he lost his father at a very young age. shows the father died in 1917 and is buried in Inkster, Grand Forks County, North Dakota. Erma is there too, she died at a very young age in 1937.


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