Monday, May 14, 2012

Photo Number 875

Sometimes I buy photos for the content and sometimes for the mystery.

This photo was purchased at Buggy Wheel Antiques near Lake Park Minnesota.

Washtub photo Buggy Wheel antiques (2)

The photographer was M.H. Sand of somethingville ND.  It turned out to be Buttzville ND.

Buttzville had 100 residents in 1920. In 1960 it had 15 residents. It seems to be almost a ghost town with only a few residents remaining today.

Although this photo is badly faded I think you get the idea..a womans work was never done.

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  1. A very interesting picture. I would hate to be from Buttzville!!!

  2. It really is a strange pose. I can't imagine having a photographer taking it unless he was practicing his skills.

  3. This photo seems as tired as that woman looks...


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