Thursday, May 13, 2010

Photo Number 193

This is a photo that I purchased at Aunt Ellies Attic in Bemidji, Minnesota.  It is a Real Photo Postcard.   I liked it for the horse and buggy and the child sitting in the buggy all alone..what was the driver of the horse thinking..he must have really trusted this horse...or perhaps he was an idiot.

Johnny was apparently the idiots it was his racer mare.  Grace knew the idiot Johnny.  This real photo postcard is from 1904 to 1918, because it is an Azo card that has triangles all pointing up in the four corners where the postage stamp goes.

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  1. It is so interesting how different people react to photos. You looked at this and your first thought was about the child's safety. My first thought was about the barn. It is a big one and I wonder if it is still standing. :) Thanks for sharing your photos, I enjoy your site very much.

  2. I love it - Ick-a-bod. LOL!

  3. Oh, the brake may be set on the buggy.

  4. I did worry first about the child. That is an amazing barn and just a fascinating postcard.

  5. My first thought when I seen this pic was hmmmmmm no head on the horse lol.
    then the girls safety..maybe he thought if she did not move neither would the horse.
    and that barn probably stood there for many years..


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