Sunday, February 9, 2014

Photo Number 1483

This is another California Photo.

army photo Katherines calif photos

A forgotten soldier, the photo is unmarked.  The patch high on his shoulder is an Armed Forces Far  East Patch, often called the Mt. Fuji patch.

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  1. I think the Mt. Fuji patch came out in the early 1950s (maybe late 40s). Possibly he served in the "occupation army" in Japan. The single chevron shows him to be a Private.

  2. My husband was shopping at Costco this weekend, and passed by another shopper who was wearing a ball cap with the words, "Iwo Jima" printed on them. Because Chris' dad also served at Iwo Jima, he just had to ask the guy about his hat. Yep, he was at Iwo Jima! He said he was in his early 90s now.

    All that to say...this guy may still be around, too. Wish someone had written his name on the photo. Can't handle the thought of someone like that going unremembered...


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