Thursday, May 20, 2010

Photo Number 200

This is Nancy Jean Ensrud or Ensreed or Evsrud or Evsreed.  The last name is hard to make out.

I chose this photo today, it was probably taken in the 1960's.  The era of the shaggy rug that lots of the photographers used  in their baby photo shoots.  You still had to take your child into a Photographers Studio to have this photo taken..this was before photographers came into the local malls or K-Mart to get as many young mothers to bring their children in for the 99cent specials.  These were not really specials, you got one photo for 99 cents..the others cost you.  I always tried to take the girls in for the specials, I don't think they ever went into a studio to have their picture taken professionally until their Graduation photographs.

Photography certainly has come a long way!  Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)
We can date this photo 1953 or 1954 most likely. 
Abra had good luck finding Nancy Jean, I have her phone number and I left a message for her this evening..she lives in Illinois.  Hopefully she will call me back.  I try not to scare these people half to death.."Hi I found your photo in an Antique shop..." 
Update: June 30, 2010  I left another message on her cell phone..we discovered her name is Nancy Jean Ensrud Butler. I case someone happens by this post while searching for a me through my email address in my profile:) 


  1. I did find someone by the name of Nancy jean Ensrud in the MN birth index (1952), so it possibly fits, putting this picture between 1953-1955, depending on her age (1-3)--it's hard to tell when they are sitting, but she does have a lot of hair so my guess is she is at least two. I will look further into this and see if I can get you the contact info. ~Abra :-)

  2. It is a classic. I have the boys' pictures like that even in the 80's.

  3. Yes, I remember the shag carpet! Nancy Jean sure has beautiful and distinctive eyes. It would be fun if you and Abra can locate her.

  4. Wonderful blog. I was pointed in your direction by Mildred who left a comment on one of my blogs - - which also makes use of old Victorian photographs.

  5. Alan, Thanks! I will be over to visit you! :)

  6. Lovely post, fingers crossed another photo will be winging its way home shortly.


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