Saturday, September 26, 2015

Photo Number 2027

This is a photo from the Tin Ceiling in Park Rapids Minnesota.

Lady with Finger Waves Tin Ceiling

A young lady with perfect finger waves, a very popular hairstyle in the late 1920’s into the 1930’s.  The Marcel Iron was used to make the waves or if you were talented enough you could make your own finger waves providing your hair was wet and you could get it to dry in place.

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  1. You have certainly managed to have finger waves for a theme this month! All those lovely hairstyles. Don't think I would have had the patience for that kind of beauty, though...

  2. Finger waves were also done using waving clips. To get the look she had, she set it wet and waited for it to completely dry.

  3. All I can see are her teeth...


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