Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Full Circle 128

This Full Circle began with a comment left on the blog.  I have the blog set to notify me of comments that are older than three days…so that I won’t miss anyone showing up and leaving a comment!

Not sure if this posted the first time, but will try it again! I do believe the people in the photo to be first cousins to my great-grandfather, Hugh Rutherford Heiney (1878-1960). Hugh's mother was Maria (Rhumstay) Hiney (1842-1914), and Maria's sister, Sarah (Rhumstay) Hoxie (1846-??), was the mother to Welcome, William, Dora, Frank, Delia, Celia, Esther and Ralph Hoxie. Maria and Sarah's parents were William and Esther (Rapp) Rhumstay. The family came to Wisconsin from Pennsylvania in 1845, settling first in Dane County, then in Sauk County. What a great picture! :)

No one else had claimed the photo so I asked Ben if he would like it.


Thank you so much for your response in regards to my comment on "Photo Number 1949". If nobody else has claimed the photo, I would very much like it for my collection. Here is my mailing address:

Thank you again so very, very much! :)


Mc Cook Lake 4th of July Fargo Antique Mall Photo Number 1949

Photo Number 1949

I mailed off the postcard.

Hello Connie!

The postcard arrived in the mail yesterday! Thank you so very, very much! I look forward to sharing it with my family! :)


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a great photo! Glad it found its way home! I always love these Full Circles :)


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