Saturday, September 5, 2015

Photo Number 2006

These are two snapshots of a gathering on a Minnesota Lake.  These snapshots were purchased at an antique shop in Detroit Lake Minnesota.
Family Reunion Dl ant
Family Reunion Dl ant back
Family reunion at the lake in Minn.
Family Reunion two Dl ant
Family Reunion two Dl ant back

Harry, Ben, Fred Bleese, Uncle Rudolph Mittelstadt, Clarence, Bill, Rueben  Krueger’s
Looks like quite a gathering.  Just a thought… I wonder if the Oxen Yoke and Oxen were used to bring in those logs for the cabin. 
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These photos went Full Circle 130 on October 13, 2015


  1. Could this be the Fred Bleese from Photo Number 1819?

    1. Yes more than likely. I sent an email to Elizabeth....:)

  2. Also Photo Number 1400 for Rudolph.

  3. I read Reuben. The German 'eu' is pronounced similiar to the Englisch 'oi' like in 'moist'.

  4. Ah, our friends the Krueger's and Mittelstadt's - Photo 1400 indeed.

  5. I mailed these photos today to Elizabeth in North Dakota


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