Monday, September 28, 2015

Full Circle 127

This Full Circle began when Iggy sent me an email address.  I sent an inquiry.  Hello Melody,  I have a blog that features Forgotten Old Photos.  I have a photo of your Grandfather...I think? Norman H. Lee

Hi Connie,

Yes, those definitely are photos of my grandpa, Norman Lee.  Although I believe I already have a copy of both of those photos; my sister, Brenda, most likely does not.  I can't figure out how they ended up in an antique shop!  Some of the writing on the postcard is my mom's but I just can't imagine her getting rid of any photos - as I recently inherited several hundred old photos of people I don't know when my mom passed away in May.

Thank you for contacting me.  By the way, how did you track me down?

How do I go about obtaining the photos?



Hi Melody,  I bought the postcards from the Antique Mall in Detroit Lakes...who knows how they got there? 

I work with a fabulous researcher from Pennsylvania...he can find almost anyone...not sure how.  Most likely from your Mothers Obituary and he went from there.  I was surprised the email still worked to locate you as sometimes people change their e mail addresses. 

I will put the postcards in the mail to you tomorrow.  I will send them to the address in your email. 

Please let me know when they have arrived safely and if you could share a story about your Grandfather that would be great!


Norman and Ernest Lee DL ant Number 2010Norman and Ernest Lee  two DL ant Number 2010

Photos Number 2010  Norman and Ernest Lee

Hi Connie,

I received the photos - thank you so very much.  What a wonderful hobby you have.  I'm sure you have made many people happy!

My grandpa, Norman Lee, was a very quiet and unassuming man.  He worked hard all his life - mostly as a carpenter and as a miner in the iron mines near Crosby-Ironton.  His parents came over from Norway before he was born.  Their last name actually was Andresen; however, after they got to the states his father changed their name to Lee because there were so many Andresens and Andersons in the area.  Grandpa would talk Norwegian to my sister and me and laugh because we didn't have a clue what he was saying.  He got a kick out of it anyway!  My grandma, Rose Lee, was as boisterous as grandpa was quiet.  More proof that opposites attract.  LOL!

I have attached a photo taken on the day my mom was adopted by my Grandpa and Grandma Lee in the early 40s.

Thanks again - I will send some money for your time and postage.



Adoption Day Lee photo

Norman and Rose Lee with their adopted daughter Martha Ann.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I loved those photos and so glad you found their home.

  2. Yay!!!! And isn't Martha Ann a beautiful child!

  3. I loved those photos, too. There was something quite charming about them. Glad they found their way home!


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