Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Photo Number 2016

These are snapshots from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Ole Elton Family Two DL ant

Ole Elton Family One DL ant

Ole Elton Family One DL ant back

Ole Elton family by Murray Beardsley  Aug 18 1940

I suspect Ole and his wife had four children.

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  1. I found two possibilities Ole J 1887 to 1979 Minneapolis and Ole J born in 1882 to 1974 in Traill County North Dakota

    1. Well, I thought I could break the tie by looking for the family's friend, Murray Beardsley. I figured there couldn't be too many people out there by that name. Wrong. Though many results on Ancestry showed Murray as a middle name--a complicating factor--the only promising ones I could find lived in either Rhode Island or Washington, D.C. Not exactly close to your two locales.

      To complicate matters, there was someone in Michigan--at least closer--but his name might actually have been "Morrie"...short for Morris. And the last name was spelled Beardslee. Since we can't really tell who actually wrote the inscription on the back of the photo, that could just have been someone's guess as to how the name was supposed to be spelled.

      Wonder if August 18, 1940, was a significant date for the Elton family...

    2. I wondered that too an anniversary? If the date is one year less a few more Ole's might be possible also. I looked for Murray too...no luck:(


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