Monday, September 8, 2014

Photo Number 1682

This is a snapshot of an unknown town.  Notice the railroad track and the cars parked on Main Street along with the corner gas station that is built facing the intersection.

Unknown town

I always wonder how the photographers got these birds eye views?

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  1. I wonder where this is... I suspect the photo is taken from on top of a water tank tower. The steam trains of the day were quite thirsty. I think I see a plume of steam train smoke in the center distance.

    There are a number of signs in view - but none that I can read. The building just right of center has a black band near the roof with words in it.

    1. Given the rural nature - the vantage point of the photo might also be on top of a grain silo.

  2. Not a soul on the street. I think I spotted 2 people but not sure.

  3. I was thinking water tower or silo too. So reminds me of towns I remember going through when driving across country back in the '50s. A small town then miles of corn or grain followed by another small town and so on and on.


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