Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Photo Number 1676

This is a Real Photo Postcard from the flea market in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

Mystery six Postcard DL antiques Kodak card

Cedar Strip Fishing Boats

Those boats are hard to clean out.  Junk from fishing gets caught in each “rib” so it is lots of work to clean them out.  However they are a nice boat to row around with on a nice day.

Mystery six Postcard DL antiques Kodak card 

Docks Pilgrim Park

Lake Metigoshe – Bottineau, No. Dak.

Proof that North Dakota does have a few lakes!

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  1. I've never seen boats like these. Interesting.

  2. I love old wooden boats (that I don't have to care of!) The wood is so beautiful when it is varnished up.
    The place that was Pilgrim Park is still there.


  3. I'm love to row around a lake with one of those boats.

  4. What a neat composition. It would have made a great painting. The water is so still!


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