Friday, August 29, 2014

Photo Number 1672

This is a Real Photo Postcard.  I purchased it at the flea market in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Mystery Two Postcard AZO Triangles up DL Flea Market (2)

Flying High At??

Looks like three young men…brothers? friends or maybe cousins? They are in a balloon over a city. The postcard is from 1904 to 1918 or thereabouts.

Mystery Two Postcard AZO Triangles up DL Flea Market

Flying High At Cokato.

Cokato is a town in Minnesota…Wright County way south of me and more toward the Cities.

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  1. I love the fake dirigible! I bet those 3 guys were standing on the ground looking through a prop! "The Big Store" is still open in Cokato. The local history museum seems very active - both websites have an email address.

  2. Well, I sure wouldn't have guessed...although now that you mention it, I see there was a pennant attached to the left side of that contraption with the same town name on it.

  3. Fun photo! Might be as close as these guys ever got to flyng.

  4. This is in my neck of the woods. Thirteen miles north. I pass through frequently. You seem to find a good number of postcards and photos that originate from this area. It is amazing that these items end up all over. These days, most people trash their postcards soon after receiving them, it seems. I suppose that is due to the frequency with which most people move about and travel, there isn't a connection to mementos like there was in the old days.


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