Sunday, August 3, 2014

Photo Number 1649

This is a photo from the antique shop in Brainerd.

People at church Brainerd Antiques

A church and a large group of people.

People at church Brainerd Antiques

Perhaps the church was brand new? The three men in the front on the left seem to have white collars different from the other men..perhaps they are the pastors?

People at church Brainerd Antiques back

Perhaps someone can translate?

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  1. Pretty church. I love seeing their clothes.

  2. Well, if the church wasn't brand new, perhaps the photo was to commemorate an anniversary. Looking forward to reading the translation. Hope it helps identify the congregation.

  3. It seems Finnish to me. Church in Finnish is "kirkko", may be that is the upper right word? And the preceeding text is the name of the church?

  4. I think the name is Lehtijärvi... which would translate to "Leaf Lake" (I think...)

    1. The congregation built its own church in 1903. Google maps shows a church called St. John's in Leaf Lake that looks much like this one. (near bottom has some info).


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