Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Photo Number 1665

This is an old photo that is not very good quality.  I purchased it because it reminded me of a childhood memory.  When I was little there was a place along Washington Avenue in Detroit Lakes Minnesota that had kiddie rides, a train ride and boats in a big water tank going round and round.  I remember both of those rides …there may have been more…and ice cream!  It was a permanent place adjacent to a motel and was a real fun place to go on a Sunday afternoon.

This one could be from a similar place or it could have been with a traveling Carnival.

KIddie Train unknown place


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  1. Oh yes, the pic jogs my memory too. Taking a blog break from posting but I'll still be visiting.

  2. Reminds me of a small amusement park near where I was born and grew up too. The park, once full of happy memories, is now a sterile, cookie cutter, housing development.

    1. http://www.westpointpa.com/History2/ZieberPC/Ziebers.html has some old "forgotten photos" of the place.

    2. Thanks Iggy I enjoyed that link, wouldn't it be wonderful to visit a park like that again? Simpler times...I haven't even been to a picnic yet this summer:(

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    4. No.. I must thank YOU! I emailed the link you inspired me to find to my parents and my two brothers and we spent the day remembering the local park and a number of treasured evenings there - enjoying the outdoors and the amusements.

  3. Funny how those childhood memories of local, simple, amusement parks stick so well in our minds! I remember a place like that in my hometown, too! Don't think my folks took me there all that often, but the few times I went must have been memorable...at least to a little kid.


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