Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Photo Number 1651

This is a Real Photo Postcard.  It is a AZO card from 1904 to 1918.  I am not sure which antique shop I purchased this postcard at.

house  azo Postcard Triangles up

A two story house with great trim (I would call it colonial trim) and a wonderful screen door.  Looks like an east of the Mississippi house to me…..maybe Ohio or Indiana.

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  1. I love that door.

  2. Looks a bit "warm" in the summer upstairs!

  3. Simple would be good today, we have gotten to progressive with every thing.

  4. I dunno. It's really not very practical for our hot, humid days. The trees are wrong for here too. Maybe Ohio or thereabouts? If I could see the trees closer up that would be a sure indicator. ~:)


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