Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Full Circle 90

This is a Full Circle that came about through research by Iggy!
He sent me a name and an address. I sent off a letter with a copy of the blog post with the photos.
Dear Connie,
Please forgive me for not responding sooner to your letter postmarked Jan 2014. I am William Rohan Jr., the son of William Lloyd Rohan and nephew of James Lester Rohan.
Indeed, the photos on the postcard copies you sent are my relatives. I really appreciate the effort, time, research and money you spent to contact me. I leave a fairly small footprint so the real mystery is how you found me! Iggy is to be congratulated! I have a brother, Joseph and a sister Barbara, both married/children and live in WA state.
I just got off the phone with my 91 year young Aunt Marie, the surviving sister of William Lloyd and James Lester Rohan. She lives in St. Paul along with numerous children, grandchildren, etc.. I am forwarding your correspondence to her; she is thrilled to share it with her children. I encouraged her to share some anecdotes with you if she feels up to it. You are welcome to share any of this on 'Full Circle'.
Again, thank you. I hope this reply serves to bring a sort of completion for your efforts.
Marie called one day with her address and the Postcards were mailed.
William Loyd Rohan DL ant Number 1448 (2)
Photo Number 1448  William Lloyd Rohan
Lester Rohan DL antiques Number 1447 (2)
Photo Number 1447  Lester Rohan ( James Lester)
Will very graciously shared some photos with me.
The Rohan boys
"The Rohan Boys.jpg" was taken sometime in the 1930's. Left to right: James, James Sr., and William.
"1956-14.jpg" was taken in 1956 in St Paul. Left to right: William, James Rohan Sr., Marie and James.
"Lloyd- Irene.jpg" was taken sometime around 1957 in Hermosa Beach, CA. Left to right is my Father (Wm) and my mother Irene.
William Lloyd Rohan
A photo of my Dad William, age 50 or so.
1970-02 was taken in 1970 in Redondo Beach, CA. Left to right: William and Marie.
James Lester Rohan & Marie Rohan-Wiegner
James died shortly after this pic of him and Marie (2009).
Thanks to Will for sharing these photos of his Father, Uncle and Aunt!
I hope that Marie has received the postcards.  Sometimes people get busy and forget to notify me that the photos arrived.  I am certain she must have gotten them or she would have called me back!
Thanks for stopping by!

 9/ 12/14 Marie wrote:
Dear Connie, I hope there is a Target near you!  Just a little gift to you to remember how grateful I was, and am, to receive the pictures of my beloved brothers- Lloyd and Lester!  I am still in awe of how they turned up in your hands!!  The whole Rohan family can't believe it!  How they wound up in your vicinity is a mystery.  We all appreciate your resourcefulness! Wm Rohan Jr- Joseph Rohan- Barbara Rohan Da Costa- Kathy Rohan Hitchcock- Les's daughter
Marie Rohan Wiegner Sister of Lloyd and Lester.
Love Marie


  1. He looks like he lived a full and happy life!

    I never keep any records on how I "locate" folks - I know sometimes that it must "creep them out" when they are "found" and I respect their privacy to the utmost. Going back to the photo and looking at the comments - I found a family tree with their names listed. Sometimes there is an obituary for one or more family members that shows where the siblings live. Sometimes that turns the trick (along with a phone book look up).

    At any rate, I no longer have any records nor do I have any addresses. I'm glad to see the later photos of the family - they are so nice to see!

    1. I keep a record of the addresses and and email address just incase another relative shows up. Then I always email the person and ask if I can share their email with another relative or I forward the email that way they can decide for themselves.

  2. Always enjoy the full circle story's.

  3. Another wonderful Full Circle! And it feels almost like a family reunion, as well! How nice to see photos that give a sense of what became of those two little ones over the years.

    Congratulations to Iggy for another mystery solved!

  4. Great stuff. This must be so very satisfying for you.

  5. Full circles with so much follow-up information are wonderful. These are the types of stories that make your blog so interesting! Keep it up Connie and Iggy and all the other helpers. I still remain 'too busy', but maybe I will have more time to come back and help as winter approaches. :-)


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