Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Photo Number 1577

This is a photo from the antique mall in Moorhead Minnesota.

Iva Adams 1899 Moorhead Antique Mall

This is Iva M. Adams

Iva Adams 1899 back Moorhead Antique Mall

Age 18 yrs. 3 months    April 99

So if I can do the math she was born in 1881 probably in January.

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  1. I can only find a couple of maybe's. The problem might be the "1890" black hole - that is, someone born after the 1880 US census but dies or marries before the 1900 US census tends to be "lost". I think this "might" be a Iva M Adams born to Irving C. and Florence Estella Adams in January 1881 (in Connecticut) but can find nothing further on her.

    1. Let's hope it was "marries before the 1900 US census..."

      Too bad the photo didn't come with an imprint to identify the studio's location--although it was nice to see someone had the foresight to include not only the name but the precise age and date the picture was taken. There's always something else...

    2. That said, there was an Iva Marie Adams who died in Hubbard County, Minnesota, on January 15, 1921. Unfortunately, the FamilySearch.org website which indexed that fact does not provide any information on that person's age, nor marital status. This may be a false lead...but the Minnesota proximity is tempting...


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