Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Full Circle 86

For this Full Circle Iggy contacted Glenn a relative.


Clayton Postcard DL Antiques Photo Number 1292

Clayton Postcard DL Antiques back Photo Number 1292

Photo Number 1292

Hi Connie, I found your photo of Clayton Sylvester Rost, I have been working on my family tree, & discovered my grandfather had a brother named Clayton that passed away at the age of 2, in I believe 1910 or 11. My great grandmothers name was Annie Margaret Anderson Rost. I have a few similar post card photos from the same period, with her hand writing in the back. I compared the writing on these photos to # 1292 and they are a perfect match. 
Our family is still in Winnipeg, and hard to believe a 100 year old photo could turn up so far away!
Thank you for posting these lost photos, great idea, also I would like to thank Intense Guy, for making the connection which led me to you site.
Finding this really made my day, Keep up the great work!

I mailed off the postcard.

Thank you so much, I received the photo today! I know Clayton passed away around the age of 2. He was the 2nd of 6 children born to Charles & Annie Rost (my great grandparents) in Winnipeg, Canada. Clayton was born in 1909, so this picture is maybe either 1909-1910. I haven't found the reason for his passing, but will keep looking for it.
I was very surprised at how well preserved the photo is! If this picture was in the possession of Lula (as the photo says on the back) it  must have been very special to her. The hand writing is a perfect match to other post card photos I have, written by Annie.
The photo will now be added to my family tree, so he can be remembered, now and always!
I would like to thank Connie & Karl for all your hard work, I'm sure millions of photos will never have the same happy ending, but wish you much luck with your hunt.

Thanks for stopping by. Do come again.


  1. Connie~You are doing an amazing thing!

    1. Thanks Lady Locust! Not just me but Iggy, Jacqi and sometimes Sue, Lars and Susanna and Grandmavickiann..so it is not just me.

    2. But if it weren't for you, Connie, having the idea, setting up the blog and posting those photographs so consistently--not to mention your knowledge about time periods and photograph history--none of these Full Circles would have happened! I agree with Lady Locust: you are doing an amazing service!

  2. So glad the little feller is not forgotten. :)

  3. This is fantastic, rewarding work that y'all are performing. Keep up the good job! You are VERY appreciated and, as an amateur genealogist, I'm enjoying watching the chase too. God bless. ~:)


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