Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Photo Number 1571

This is a Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Maggie Skrivseth  DL Ant

Maggie Skrivseth back DL Ant

Maggie Skrivseth.

One of the photographers children could be in this photo or the photo could be meant for Maggie.

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  1. This is one of the cutest old photos ever! Interesting that Hillsboro could support more than one photographer at that time.

  2. The photographer's imprint is J L Skrivseth. Jacob Skrivseth had three children, Henning Duritz Skrivseth (Apr. 26, 1881), Maggie (Aug 1883 - ?), and Jay Beauman Lavanda Skrivset (who remained unmarried).

    Son, Henning was also a photographer. He had two girls and a son. I think they might be the ones in the photo (given there are two girls and a boy): Margaret Helen Skrivseth (1917), Henning D Skrivseth (Dec. 5, 1918), Lois M Skrivseth (1922).

    The "second" Maggie's Find A Grave Memorial# 38208010 has an obituary.

    If the "Maggie" is the first one, she married a Mr. Anderson and lived in Fargo, ND (per which has the obit for Henning Sr.)

    1. The first Margaret married Olaf Christian Anderson - he was the "founder" of Dakota Monuments, now run by a grandson and great-grandson and they can be contacted here:

  3. A darling photo! I hope it can be a Full Circle

  4. Oh, this one is sure to become a Full Circle, with all the info Iggy has found!

    It is an adorable setting...

  5. I sent an email to Dave in Fargo this morning. We will wait to hear from him.


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