Monday, May 12, 2014

Photo Number 1570

This is a Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Tosten Bakke DL Ant

This is Tosten Bakke probably about 1885 or so.

Tosten Bakke back DL Ant

I found a likely candidate at Gran Cemetery in Mayville ND

Tosten T. Bakke  March 23, 1859 to November 15, 1890

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  1. Such an elaborate backdrop!

  2. It looks like he is wearing a ring at his ringfinger - married/engaged?

  3. They did such a great job painting a three dimensional room on a flat screen.

  4. Yes, so much detail for a backdrop. Haven't seen any so busy.

    If that is the right Tosten Bakke at the Mayville cemetery, he didn't live too long. Interesting to see there is only one other listing for a Bakke at that cemetery: for Ida Christine Bakke, who died at ten years of age. Her memorial's inscription reads "datter af Ole & Karme"--family members for Tosten?

    While this may be your guy--there aren't, after all, many records for this name that I can see--there are a couple other Tosten Bakkes out there from that time period. Each, however, has a different middle initial. I found a Tosten A Bakke in Minnesota Naturalization records. And a Tosten E Bakke from Minnesota Death Records as well as on Find a Grave, died February 15, 1927. Of course, neither is from North Dakota.

    1. Getting a little closer: from the website of the North Dakota State University in Fargo, their North Dakota Naturalization Records Index shows one result for the name Tosten Bakke. Someone named Tosten T. Bakke, from Sweden, filed his second papers on May 13, 1890, in Traill County, with the original record in volume F-10, page 44.

      Hmmm...that's the county Mayville is located in. Getting close?


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