Saturday, August 31, 2013

Photo Number 1327

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Gwen at the beach DL Ant

A pretty gal at the beach.  What do you think that building in the background was?  Is this someplace where they had small garages/? at the beach?

Gwen at the beach DL Ant back

Pearl I took this of Gwen a few weeks ago.  I thought you would like to have it.  1945

I have several snapshots that may go together.  We will see as the days go by.

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  1. Don't know what that building is. She's very attractive.

  2. Clueless about the building...not sure it would be for parking cars, but what about small boats???

  3. Looks to me like there is fencing along the top. Maybe parking on top and storage underneath - as in storage for condos? The condo owner/renter could park on top and have storage below, perhaps?

  4. It looks like a promenade on the top - with steps down the right-hand side. I think there is a "board walk" (that we can't see due to the angle of the photo) and the doors are "vendor stalls" - Looks closed for the day/season. The buildings we can see, appear to be two-story.

  5. Makes me wonder if this crowd of young ladies were in the Miss America pageant!


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