Thursday, August 22, 2013

Photo Number 1318

This is a photo from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

At Claras DL Ant

Cute kids on the steps of a beautiful old house.  Possibly from the 1920’s.

At Claras DL Ant back

This is at Claras house I did not know it was taken.  The little girl is Franks wifes sister.  She is from Eau Claire She came back with us.  Lena has the sweetest little boy.  We both fell in love with him. Esther was in the hospital when I was there the next day a 9# boy came sending these with

At Claras DL Ant back

The film was processed someplace in Wisconsin.  I think it says Dennie Photo Print Barron, Wis

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  1. Hmm... such a rambling note - and it makes me look through my desk drawers for my Buck Rogers decoder ring!

    We have "Clara's house" at 650 unknown street.
    Frank's wife's sister (born c. 1910) from Eau Claire.
    Lena who has a sweet little boy (perhaps the older woman (or is this Clara?) and boy in the photo?)
    Esther who gave birth to a boy the next day.
    On a print that came from Barron, Wisconsin which is north of Eau Claire and about 80 miles east of Minneapolis.


    1. I know! But there may be enough info for family..who have a Frank, Lena, Esther and Clara :)
      Doesn't fit my family..or my husbands.
      I think the writer of the note is someone else other than Clara or Lena or Esther and that is her in the photo with the hat! :)

  2. Well...I hope there are other photos in a bundle with that one...although, if anyone can figure this all out, it would be Iggy :)


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