Monday, August 19, 2013

Full Circle 74

This was a delightful Full Circle!  I got the nicest letter!  Marie Bertha and Patty Postcard DL Ant Number 1298

Photo Number 1298

Patty, Bertha and Marie

The one of a kind researcher Iggy found James on Ancestry!  His mother, Marie is in this postcard photo.

James wrote:

I have just received the most amazing postcard that you and your researchers were able to send to me.  I am amazed, very pleased and extremely happy about all this.  Let me give you some background to help you understand my emotions.

I was born in North Dakota, my mother a Fagstad was one of the children that is pictured on that postcard.  My family moved to Saint Paul when I was one year old in 1933.  I grew up in Minnesota and spent many summers in northern Minnesota.  I have been in Osage a few times when I was young. (That is the town I live near.)

My mother taught English at the high school in Minot until she married in 1931.  She was greatly loved by her students and fellow teachers.  Apparently, her departure to marry was marked by much sadness at the school.  Needless to say her expectations were that her son excel in English.

I spend a lot of time working on my family geneology and have family photos stored on my computer.  The postcard is now safely stored.

My mother had six sisters and two brothers.  She passed away in 1998 at the age of 99.  Bertha Fagstad, a sister is the other girl in the photo.  She left the farm and married a young man, also named Fagstad.  They moved to California and loved their lives there.  By coincidence, her daughter is coming to visit us next week.  She will be thrilled to see the photo. The young boy, Paddy Fagstad, passed a few years after this photo was taken.  I think the photo was taken about 1910.

I am hoping you find more photos that are of interest to me.  I will follow your blogspot closely.  I have enclosed a small sum that will help on your expenses.  Please contact me if I can be helpful in your valuable efforts.


Thanks for the encouragement!  Thanks also to Iggy for his tireless research:)


  1. :) I do get tired of searching - but this sort of feedback makes it all so worthwhile. :)

  2. I love to hearing this. Great work!

  3. High five to Iggy for his role in bringing this photo Full Circle!

  4. What a wonderful letter! That makes it all so worthwhile! And hearty congrats to Iggy, once again, for yet another amazing find. That was a quick turn-around.

  5. It is really great when all the effort results in a happy ending. Good work!


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