Friday, August 30, 2013

Photo Number 1326

This is another swimsuit snapshot!  It is still a tad warm here in Minnesota.   This snapshot was purchased at the antique shop in Moorhead Minnesota.

Black Swimsuit Moorhead Antiques

This bathing beauty is just that …see the towel and soap on the dock?

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope it is cooler wherever you live it was 86 here yesterday with 90% humidity:)


  1. Cringe. Today one would (hopefully) never see a bar of soap on a dock - and wouldn't dream of using in it in the lake or river.

    :) She has a nifty pose!

  2. She is really posing!

  3. It's not the degrees; it's the percentages that get you! Eighty six is beautiful, out where I am. Of course, the humidity is less than half the number you're dripping over. With humidity like that, you may as well be bathing in it...

  4. I love her old-fashioned swim suit.


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