Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Photo Number 918

These two snapshots are from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
May 12 1937 Bill Wedding DL Antiques
This is Bill on his wedding day. May 12 1937.
May 12 1937 Bill and all DL Antiques
May 12 1937 Bill and all DL Antiques back
May 12, 1937
Toots, Mom, Bill, Me, Grammee and Jack Berg
Wedding day
It was nice that the photo has a date. A place would have been even better. Last names would have been good too..we have one Jack Berg.  IF and that is a big if the photo was taken in Minnesota..it looks like Duluth…it could be almost anywhere.
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  1. Do you think the "me" in the second photo is the bride or a sister? The women are wearing some impressive corsages.

    1. The "me" looks like a sister upon closer inspection. The facial features are similar. These are great photos.

  2. I thought "me" must be a sister, too. Pictured are aunt, mother, sister, and grandmother, but no father. How old do you think Jack Berg appears to be and what might his connection to the family be? None, but is groomsman, so friend of Bill?

  3. I think the same as Anonymous - Jack Berg is a friend of the groom and not related - the only thing that gives pause to this is he is named last, so the Berg could apply to all of them...

    "me" is very pretty. :)

    Bill appears younger than Jack to me - say 25-30? with Jack about 5-10 years older?

    1. I think you are correct about the "Berg" at the end being the family name for all those pictured because I label my photos like that, too.


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