Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Photo Number 912

This is a photo from one of the Antique Shops in Dorset Minnesota.

Tr Burfield wedding photo Dorset Antiques

The photographer is T J Burfield of Waconia Minn.  The information found at the Minnesota Historical Society list of photographers showed this photographer in business in Waconia in the late 1890’s.  Obviously this photo is not from that time frame.

I will guess it is from the 1920’s or 1930’s.  I purchased it because?? Why?? The huge bouquet that seems to be attached to the shawl collar of her sweater!   She does have a glimmer of a smile and her hair looks like it has finger waves.

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  1. The flowers looks heavy! She is very pretty with the hint of a smile and her wavy hair.

  2. How in the world are those flowers attached to her dress, and how did she dare take a step? Aren't fashions funny?

  3. SHE may have a smile but HE looks like he is doomed.

  4. What on earth was she thinking pinning the flowers to her front? Love the bride sitting on the stripey sofa in your banner - very glam :-) Jo


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