Sunday, June 3, 2012

Photo Number 895

This is a Cabinet Card that I purchased in Perham Minnesota.

Wedding Photo  Cabinet Card CB Colburn  Perham antiques

Wedding Photo Cabinet Card CB Colburn Perham antiques back

I found that C. B. Colburn was a photographer in Bay City Michigan from 1890 to 1910.  The bride’s dress looks like it has an overskirt and perhaps even a bustle..which doesn’t quite fit the time frame. The grooms coat is buttoned at the top button which usually indicates the 1880’s.  So this is a confusing card to date.

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  1. We can really stretch this one to make the dates fit. Say they were among the first customers the photog had. Next assume that Bay City was pretty far behind the times on fashions. Finally, guess that these people are wearing their favorite clothes, not brand new ones, so they could be a year or more out of date. That might make it work, right? The dress does look a bit like a bustle dress on the front. The apron hanging all the way to the hem of the underskirt is a hint.


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