Sunday, June 24, 2012

Photo Number 916

This is a photograph from the antique shop in Perham Minnesota. 

Wedding photo headband and rings Perham Antiques

I think this photo is from the early 1930’s.  I see the shine of silk stockings and the glasses look 1930’s to me. This may or may not be a wedding photograph..I think it is because of the headband and she shows off her ring in the photo.  Her dress appears to have a dropped waist and a pleated skirt.

Personally I do not like his body language…his legs are crossed away from her..but her feet are crossed toward him.  To me that means he was unhappy or indifferent to the marriage.

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  1. He does present a stand-offish or arrogant pose, doesn't he?

  2. I was thinking he has a mischievous look on his face.

  3. I'm with you on the body language.

  4. Interesting observation about the body language. They do seem like a mismatched couple.

  5. He seems a bit "Jack Spratt" to me but I don't get that he is stand off-ish, just reserved.

  6. People often read too much into "body language" -- especially in professional studio portraits in which it was the photographer who usually told the subjects how to position their arms and legs. In this photograph, the man is sitting on some sort of chair that is separate from but very close to and at an angle to whatever it is the woman is sitting on. With his chair in that position, it would have been awkward for the man to have his legs crossed the other way. I cannot tell what the woman is sitting on but it seems substantial [apparently by necessity]. Her headband, glasses, dress style, shoes, as well as his collar style and shoes, all indicate to me a date in the mid to late-1920s. I doubt very much that this is a wedding picture but if so I feel sorry for the guy. I'll bet the bride ruled the roost from then on. The groom may have never beeen allowed to utter another word after he said "I do."


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