Saturday, June 23, 2012

Photo Number 915

This is a photo from Buggy Wheel Antiques near Lake Park Minnesota.  This is my favorite dress and veil so far. It is a simply elegant dress with a great veil.   This bride has style..even her bouquet is different.  To me her bouquet looks like it is the shape of a big bow. Berget Warren mn Buggy Wheel Antiques Love her veil

The photographers name is on the outside of the folder.  Martin J. Berget was in Warren Minnesota from 1905 to 1927. He was from Norway and he died in 1927.  He sold his studio before his death..but apparently something went wrong as his son Norman took over the business in 1929.  I think this photo was taken in the 1920’s.

In a nutshell the silvery sheen on some of the old photos:

Silver nitrate is part of the chemical dark room film process.  Silver nitrate is not light sensitive but the other silvers used are.  Silver Bromide, Silver Chloride and Silver Iodide are ground up and mixed with a gelatin.  That gelatin covers a clear backing..or the film base. 

I have never seen the dark room process..but I bet it is very interesting.

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  1. She is a lovely bride and this is a great photo. Her bouquet is unique.

  2. Beautiful couple, I adore her headdress! Thanks for old film processing lesson.

  3. We had that same problem with the silvery sheen on some photos of my husband's great grandfather that we discovered at a historical society's museum. They made copies of the photos for us and had a special way to adjust the copies so the sheen was less evident...but I don't know what they did. There still was a shine to it, just not as distracting...

  4. I believe this picture is from the late teens to the early 1920s. My great-gma's wedding dress and veil are very much the same--she was married in 1921.

    The wedding veil is based on the mobcap, so that's why it goes ear to ear and slightly down over the forehead. Double headbands show up too.

    Fashion-wise, we're right between the long skirts of days gone by and the short skirts of the flappers--lots of dresses from this era have tucks in the skirt so the hem can be let up or down depending on the fashion--no tucks in this picture though.

    Another 1920s feature is the bouquet. The ribbons hanging down are called love knots.


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