Monday, June 18, 2012

Photo Number 910

This is a photo from the antique shop in Park Rapids Minnesota.

Wedding 1926 Grand Rapids but from PR

Taylor Studio in Grand Rapids Minnesota was in business around 1926 so that is the date we will pick for the photo.

The ladies are wearing very similar dropped waist dresses and hair styles..this may be the haircut called the Dutch Boy.  The Dutch Boy is described as being a square cut with bangs. The1920’s is when women cut their long hair short in a bob.  The bride is holding a large bouquet of flowers. The groom is unremarkable but he does have a large boutonniere.

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  1. I love this picture, Connie.

  2. They look so young! Maybe it's the bobbed hair...

  3. I'd never heard of the Dutch Boy hair cut before. Once again I learn something new on your blog. Really love the grouping in this photo, some great expressions.

  4. I don't have a clue who these people are but they represent the "One after 909."

  5. I like the casual pose compared to the other rather "stiffer" ones, but they look terribly young :-)

  6. Hi I'm looking for old portrait photos of Grand Rapids, and I thought maybe you can give me some clue of where I can find them.
    Thank you


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