Monday, December 26, 2011

Photo Number 748

I have one more Christmas Greeting to share with you.  This is from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.  This has a 1950’s look to it.

Christmas card DL

Merry Christmas      Bill, Jean and boys

Christmas Card back

Dear Hazelle ( Hazeble??) and Family,

I don’t know if I wrote you since we moved in Sept. but anyhow we did into a place by ourselves now.  You don’t see much of the house here but the rest is for u to see when u come down.  How are you anyhow?  It seems there is quite a spell between our correspondense isn’t there?  Guess we are both really bussy house wives huh?  Haven’t we had the most lovely fall it has shortened the winter and of course we don’t mind.   In case you don’t know our family increased to 22 now! and that I have for Xmas day dinner but I just can’t make myself believe we’re so near Xmas because of the weather we’ve had.  Oh this snowfall did come in handy for this picture the only one we have had this year.  Do let us hear from you early next year huh? Happy New Year Bye Bye Jean

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  1. Fantastic job, beatiful shot!!

    Happy new year!!!

    Salut, Francesc

  2. The tree covered in snow is beautiful.

  3. This house is exactly like the one my Aunt and Uncle lived in on Logan Ave. South in Minneapolis from about 1945 till they were both gone 3 years ago. They moved in when it was new - on a street with sll small, almost identical houses - we sold the house, but it is still there.
    Myrtlesgirl (from Ada)

  4. Gorgeous, merry christmas and a happy new year to you. x

  5. The "boys" look like they are picking a snowball fight!


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