Saturday, December 17, 2011

Photo Number 739

I am not sure where I got this old may have been in the first box of old photos.

Model T coupe 1928 or29 Horse with stone boat going logging

My Dad says he thinks that is a 1928 or 1929 Model T Coupe in the background.   The horse is hooked up to a stone boat and they are most likely going logging.  A stone boat is like a is used to haul heavy stuff like huge stones or logs.  Some stones boats were metal with hinges and some were made of wood.  They make short work of moving heavy cumbersome objects. 

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  1. Another old photo that taught me something I did not know-stone boats. Love the old car.

  2. The perspective of the photo is unique: I think the photographer was kneeling to take this photo, which is very unusual in old photos.

  3. Interesting in that the "automobile age" hasn't quite "done in" the horse just yet in this photo... and it's as late as 1930.


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