Friday, December 2, 2011

Photo Number 724

This is another photo from Tulla.

Hostetler Davenport Photo from Tulla

This young lady must have graduated from high school, she has some sort of certificate in her hand.

Her gown seems to have very large sleeves.  It is adorned with ribbons and bows and has some smocking on the front.  She has a small brooch on her gown and a large bow in her hair.

The photographer is Hostetler of Davenport Iowa.  The Davenport Public Library houses a collection of all of the negatives and many of the photos he took between 1895 and 1920.  If we knew her name we could search..her name may be on the back..but it is too difficult to read.

Hostetler Photo Davenport IA Back from Tulla

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  1. I think there is a date on the left side - Dec something?

    ...and the name looks like Hazel C or G something, with Davenport IA beneath it.

    There aren't many "Hazel"s in the photographer database...

    Going by the notes, perhaps this is Miss Hazel Gilman (photo c1916).

  2. In case someone else wants to search a possible name - the link to the library photo search is:

  3. I agree, it definitely says "Davenport, Ia" and it looks like "Hazel C" I tried to fiddle with the contrast and mid-tones in my photo program and I think the last letter of her surname is an "r".

    I hope someone can figure out who she is. It's a lovely picture.

  4. There are a lot of lows and some smocking near the shoulders of that dress. The detail in these old clothes always amazes me. Such labor intensive work. Not many people, let alone women completed school back then. She was dressed for the occasion.

  5. I searched through the descriptions of about 2000 photos on the Hostetler database to see if I could find the description that matched this photo. There were several that had a description of a girl holding a diploma (so it could be one of those, yet I expected more details due to the quite detailed gown she is wearing), and others that had more details, but none that matched the details in this photo. There are about 16000 more photos I didn't search.:-) It is only searchable by name (not photo details), and the name isn't always the name of the subject--it is the name of the customer-- which may or may not be the subject. I searched all Hazels and all names of customers with an r in their name (seemingly the last letter on the name on the photo). I could try Cs and Gs, which might be the first letter of a last name. Other than that, I don't think I will be checking all 18000 photo descriptions. ;-) ~Abra


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