Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photo Number 913

This is a photo from the antique shop in Perham Minnesota.

Wedding photo big bows on bouquet and shoes Perham Antiques

The groom appears to be wearing a double breasted belted suit jacket…a style that I have not seen before.  The bride is wearing a white or light colored pastel gown that has some kind of overskirt that comes to square points.  Her bouquet and the bow are large and she wears a single strand of pearls and her shoes have bows too!

I will guess that this is also a photo from the 1920’s or 1930’s.  It may be a foreign photo.

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  1. A very handsome couple. She looks very much like my grandma at that age!

  2. Are those bows near those toes?! Somehow those shoes look quite comfortable, unlike many dress shoes I've known.

  3. The groom's jacket style was very popular right about 1920. [My father's 1921 confirmation suit was of that style.] The bride's hairdo, dress and shoes also suggest a date of about 1920 but not much later.

  4. I was going to suggest late teens. The Edwardians often had that square-pointed overskirt thing going on. I love this photo. :)


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