Saturday, July 1, 2017

Photo Number 2461

I have four old photos from Maquoketa Iowa.  I will share them over the next four days.  One of my faithful blog readers MJM will take the photos and put them on the Retro Maquoketa Iowa Facebook page.  Perhaps they will find a home.  Back in June I had a wedding photo, Photo Number 2621 that was from Maquoketa. I have no idea if or how the photos are related.  These photos came from a friend, who owns an antique shop and she was going to throw them out.

M Iowa JG photo 1

Skrivseth was the photographer in Maquoketa Iowa

This is possibly a family photo of siblings a girl and three boys.  This photo is mose likely from the 1930’s.

M Iowa JG photo 1

The little tow head in the front has quite a gleam in his eyes.

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  1. A beautiful group. Hope they find their way back home.

  2. Wonderful picture, hope you find the family it belongs to.

  3. Great idea! Hope the extra exposure helps find these four a home back with family.


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