Sunday, July 9, 2017

Photo Number 2649

This is a CdV from the antique shop in Crosby Minnesota.

Peacock cousin Crosby ant

Peacock cousin Crosby ant back

On the back of the CdV we find that ME Tyler was the Artist at Union City, Ind

Indiana Cousins Peacock

Indeed there are people named Peacock who lived in Randolph County Indiana.  John and Rebecca were pioneers, they had a son named Amos who married Rachael born Sept 1 1837, they had a daughter named Annie Laurie Peacock Born Oct 7, 1866.   I imagine there are many other possibilities also.

I think this photo was taken  in the 1870’s sometime.

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  1. I was wondering what the date might be. It did seem to be an older style. Too bad the recipient didn't think to add a first name! I imagine there were several Peacocks in Indiana, even back in the 1870s.

  2. Shame they didn't spill the full name!


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