Friday, June 30, 2017

Photo Number 2640

This is a photo from the antique shop in Solway Minnesota.  I don’t usually buy color photos, but this one is older and has some names.

Jim and Kathy Addy wedding solway antiques

Jim and Kathy Addy wedding back solway antiques

Man center Jim Addy

1st woman to left Kathy Addy (maiden name- McClure

Little girl in front Karen McClure

1st woman bridesmaid left Kristy McClure

So from that list of names I think the Groom is Jim Addy and the bride is Kathy McClure Addy.

This is the last day of June and our wedding series is over for another year. 

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  1. Well, at least this one has some names...but it could have come from anywhere!

  2. I think this is

    James E. Addy
    Last Residence:
    68127 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, USA
    BORN: 2 Jul 1918
    Died: 3 Aug 1994
    State (Year) SSN issued: Minnesota (Before 1951)


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