Monday, July 17, 2017

Photo Number 2657

This is a Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

FRnkie Perkins DL ant

Sipple was the photographer in Parsons, Kans.

FRnkie Perkins DL ant back

Frankie Perkins 2 years old Sep 22, 1892   Baxter Springs Kans

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  1. Do you think the date on the back of that photo is for his birthday? Or for the date the photo was taken?

    I can't find any Frank Perkins entries for that particular birthday, but I did find one in Baxter Springs who was born in March, 1890. On his memorial number "27465793" it mentions he ran a filling station in Baxter Springs. He apparently had a son and two granddaughters when he passed away in 1950.

    Adorable photo, by the way. You sure have found a run of cute ones lately.

    1. I am not certain, but I think it means he was two years old in 1892.


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