Thursday, February 12, 2015

Photo Number 1822

This is a CdV from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.Unknown Couple DL
A young unknown couple.   Possibly a wedding photo…we see no rings or flowers.  Their hands look busy.
Unknown Couple DL back
LC  SC Graham of Elkhorn Wis. was the photographer.
This CdV is most likely from the 1870’s.
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  1. That fancy script makes my eyes blurry. I couldn't find any mention of an L C Graham... It might be an S or even an I... but either way, I couldn't find the dude.

    The couple does seem to have big hands.

  2. Elkhorn is about an hour southwest of Milwaukee. I used to work in the public library there. Maybe the historical society would be able to help or would like the photograph.

  3. I also think it might be SC Graham.

  4. If you click on the "mouse over" of the back of the photo found here:

    You see it is S. C. Graham - but I am still at a loss for who he/she was...

  5. Those two look worried, not happy. More like a pose for a hospital waiting room than a wedding. Who knows? Maybe they are simply following the photographer's instructions for keeping their hands still.

  6. The "Wisconsin photographers Index 1840-1976" shows an entry on page 95:

    GRAHAM, S. C.; in the place of Beaver Dam, Dodge County; dates active 1874-1878; birthplace ??;

    Dodge County seems not to be that far away north of Walworth County, where the city of Elkorn is located at.


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