Sunday, February 1, 2015

Photo Number 1812

During February we will look at couples.

I was gifted a few photos from an acquaintance who owns an antique shop.  The photos were headed for the garbage.  I have a few and they will be known as Joan’s photos.

This folder hold two photos.

Unknown Couple Joans 

The photographer is Nast from Denver Colorado.  Sadly the photos are not marked. 

Charles Nast was a photographer in Denver during the early 1900’s.

This photo is most likely from the 1920’s.   The woman has her hair cut in a bob with finger waves and she wears pearls.

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  1. Lovely looking people, so glad you saved them from the trash.
    Years ago I was at a estate sale and the family pictures were all over the floor
    and people were stepping on them. So sad

  2. How thoughtful of Joan to pass along those unclaimed photos for you to share! Too bad no names. Someone out there would doubtless be ecstatic about having their relatives' pictures...

  3. Yes, this would have made a treasure for some lucky family member. The woman is quite beautiful.


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