Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Photo Number 1814

This is a photo from Joan.  The rescued photos that would have ended up in the garbage.  I have two of these photos exactly the same one is marked with a name and the other is not.

Louie Praska I have two Joans

Louie Praska I have two Joans back

Louie Prastka  I wonder if this should be Praska just like Joe Praska from photo number 1813 ??  Maybe they are brothers?

Louie Praska I have two Joans

Russells Studio Grand was the photographer.

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  1. I found a Louis Pratska in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. May I ask where Joan found the photos in the garbage?

    I found a link to a son's obituary. Will post it when I can.

    1. The photos were part of an estate in Minnesota and they had no interest in old photos. She said if I didn't take them she would throw them in the garbage. :(

    2. The is also a Joseph at the same cemetery it is a Czech Cemetery too.

  2. The obit:

    Louis A. is Find A Grave Memorial# 95666443

  3. I wish I could locate the photographer. He or she is elusive. There were and are hundreds of Russell's living in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. There are a few living up north in Minnesota too, much fewer.

  4. That was the first thing I thought, too: whether this one was related to Joe Praska. Could be a possibility...


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