Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Full Circle 106

Several photos from my cousin Verniel were returned to family.

Haattaja gal maybe VernielNumber 1785

Photo Number 1785   This is Thelma.


Unknown from  Verniel Number 1786

Photo Number 1786  This is Beatrice

The photos were found through a Internet search.

The two “forgotten” photos, 1785 and 1786, are my aunt Thelma and my mother Beatrice.  I would love to have both photos! Yes, aren’t they pretty ladies? They are both 85 now and still doing quite well!
Let me know if it is possible for me to get these! and how?
One of my cousins happened to come across this website and found these photos. Tell me a little bit more about this and how you find these photos, and happens through this site. It looks interesting!
Thank you!

Hi Lori, I collect old photographs feature them on the blog  and try to reunite them with family.  I will need your address and I will mail them off today or tomorrow.  I hope you will share something for a Full Circle post for the blog.

I got these photos from my second cousin Verniel in Alaska.  Here is the email she sent me.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Connie Yliniemi Henderson at Forgotten Old Photos

Verniel wrote: I see where you collect old unknown owner pictures.

I have some pictures that I got from a relative, Ardelle  in Annendale, MN.  They belonged to her aunt who used to live in Menahga. 

Anyway Ardelle was going through pictures of her aunt, and thought I could possibly find out who they were and return them to to relatives.  I did know two of them.   One was sister Lila's graduation picture and another was Richard P. picture.  I forwarded the picture of Richard to him.

The rest of the pictures, and more then likely from the Menahga area.  The pictures were taken in Wadena.  Menahga school pictures were taken in Wadena when I graduated from there.  I was wondering if you would care to take them over and put them on your blog for old pictures.  One I know the ID of but her cousin doesn't know her where abouts.  And did not seem interested in finding out.  She said to toss them.

Hi Lori, I mailed the photos today check your mail on Thursday.  Whatever you would like to share in a Full Circle can be emailed to me.   It doesn't have to be long or full of info just something simple.  Thanks Connie

This was her reply:

I’m excited that a cousin of mine directed me to this site to check if these photos were who she thought they were: my mother Beatrice and our aunt Thelma. I can’t wait to get the photos in the mail. It’s fun to think of mom and aunt Thelma at that age and imagine how they were then. Mom has shared many stories. Last summer I took my parents to visit Thelma and her husband, and I have the cutest picture of them together. They were good friends when they graduated and are still good friends today, at age 85. Through this friendship, which began perhaps 70 years ago or so, my parents met. My dad is Thelma’s brother.


I emailed her to find out if the photos arrived?

Hi Connie! Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t let you know the photos came! They did, and I’m so excited about them. I’m planning to send my aunt’s photo to one of my cousins, who I’m sure will be just as excited as I was to get my mom’s photo. 

I think I’m a little confused about the “Full Circle post,” because I wrote the portion below for that. I’d like to write something for it, though, so send me a little more thoughts/guidance.

Thank you so much! and thank you again for the photos. They are special.


Hi Lori, Good to hear the photos arrived safely.   The girls went to Menahga High School or Wadena?   They went on to school?    If I could get that much info I will add it to what you wrote previously.  Thank you, Connie

Thank you Connie! They both graduated from Menahga High School in 1947. My mother went to teacher’s college and taught at a couple different country schools for several years. I believe Thelma did the same. My mother just “retired” from her senior companion job at age 85! 

What is the website link where I can see this Full Circle Post?


I will send Lori a link to this Full Circle Post and also to Verniel. 

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. It puts a smile on my face to hear these two beautiful people are still with us and that their photos were reunited with them and family!

  2. I am also happy for the family.

  3. Thank you Connie for your work in this! What a special surprise to get these photos! Lori L

  4. Fascinating and fun correspondence!

  5. Reading this chain of events that connected photographs with family members reminds me of the six degrees of separation theory, put in action right here on your blog, Connie! To think these photos went all the way to Alaska and back, before being reunited with the original owners is such a trip!

  6. Another wonderful reunion! Great job!!


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