Friday, November 14, 2014

Photo Number 1748

This is a series of snapshots from the antique shop in Pequot Lakes Minnesota.  I think all the photos go together.
Snapshot  Gun two Pequot Lakes ant
Snapshot  Gun Pequot Lakes ant
Snapshot Soldiers Pequot Lakes ant
Snapshot Soldiers at camp two Pequot Lakes ant
Snapshot at camp Pequot Lakes ant
Looks like some kind of Army camp…goodness knows where.  I have not had a chance to show these photos to my Dad yet.  I will guess these photos were taken in the 1950’s.
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My Dad says this is a 50 Caliber Machine Gun.  They had one like it in Korea.  He said the three containers in the pole on the third photo were carried with you all the time.  He said the last photo would be a portable cook shack, the containers were for hot food. 

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  1. I've no idea where this might be either! The sandy scrub land could be Fort Dix, NJ or a place on the Florida Panhandle.

    That is one big machine gun!


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