Monday, November 17, 2014

Full Circle 92

Iggy found an address for this Full Circle and I sent off a copy of the blog. ( Often I do that…many times my letter is just ignored…some people are just not interested.)

Melvin was thrilled.  I was happy to return the photo to him.

Craigs Scan Elsie and Herbert Number 1707

Photo Number 1707 Herbert and Elsie Graffenius

Melvin wrote:

Dear Connie,

What a wonderful surprise.  My thanks to you for the photo (when received).  It will complete a set.  Enclosed please find the rest of the family.

Left to right

Gustave (my Dad) 1903 to 1989)





Graffenius photo these go with number 1707

Aunt Else (Elsie) was my Godmother. Herbert never married.

I have chased the Graffenius clan back to the 1720’s.  This photo will fit into my family tree very nicely.  Thanks again.

Melvin Graffenius

So another Full Circle! 

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I am so glad that these two (in the photo) have a family member that remembers them!


  2. How wonderful to see more photos and to hear a bit more about the family.

  3. Love what you do - preserving history, stories, and memories of special people.

  4. So neat for Melvin to fill us all in on the rest of the family in photos! A real treat. And a real researcher in his own right, pushing his way back to the early 1700s. Not an easy accomplishment.


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