Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Full Circle 93

Another Full Circle!

La Cross Wisc Cab Card CPCP Number 1526

Napoleon and Olive La Fore Photo Number 1526

Many Thanks to Iggy and grandmavickiann for the research!

Napoleon and Olive's Children
Jess Sylvester LaFore (26 Jan 1895 - May 1969)
Harry Edward LaFore (11 Aug 1896-3 Jan 1972)
Bessie La Veelia A LaFore (18 Jan 1901 - ?)
Vernon LaFore (2 Dec 1902 - Apr 1986 in Minnesota)
Spenser M. LaFore (16 Feb 1905 - 22 Nov 1991)

Mari left me a comment on the blog:

Napoleon and Olive LaFore were my grandparents. Harry was my father. I recognize all the other names as relatives.

She contacted me by email and I mailed off the photo. We corresponded by email.Napoleon and Dustin


I just put this photo of my son when he was in high school next to Napoleon's photo...what do you think?
This is a good time to say that one picture is worth a thousand words! This too is weird...when I mentioned to my son Dustin, that my grandmother's name was Olive he said that just a few days before that Danielle had said that maybe they could name their baby Olive it is a girl! That is NOT a common name at all...just one more piece of the puzzle from the past for our family ;)

BTW, you are an angel for what you are doing! You are connecting loved ones that may have never had the chance to "meet" this lifetime anyway!

I asked about a Full Circle Post:

Maybe we could put that photo of Napoleon alongside of Dustin (his great grandson) on that FULL CIRCLE POST.
It's as if they were looking for us too because with an hour of my discussion with my son they appeared on your blog.
You are a conduit for the living and those crossed over and you bring them together in a most delightful way.
Heartfelt thanks.


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  1. This full circle was made possible by randmavickiann. I would have never been able to decipher the name!

    Dustin is a spitting image of his great-grandfather! How remarkable!! And I wonder if family names are somehow in one's DNA? :)

  2. Getting these responses back from a Full Circle must be so rewarding! How sweet that Olive may be remembered by a namesake in a new generation.


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