Friday, April 27, 2012

Photo Number 858

This is a Real Photo Postcard. 
Baby in long gown DL
This small child is wearing a very long gown.  The chair covering going off to the right may be concealing a parents arm.
Baby in Long Gown Postcard back 1907 to 1929
This is a postcard from Fritz Studio in Reading, Pa.  It is most likely from 1907 to 1929.
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  1. Such a tiny baby!

  2. I sent you an email yesterday - did you get it? I wasn't sure about which address to use.

  3. That baby looks lost in all those folds of fabric! While I'm sure you're right about the concealed parental arm, the perspective plays tricks with my mind and seems to shrink the child even further.

  4. That gown looks ridiculously long.. perhaps mom repurposed her wedding dress?


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