Saturday, April 21, 2012

Photo Number 852

This is a photo from a local antique shop.

Twins maybe with one of their husbands 001

Julius Tessman from Wadena was the photographer most likely in the year 1914. He was not in Wadena very long.

It looks like Twin Sisters to me..but they could be triplets…or perhaps just brother and sisters.  They all have a bit of fru fru on their clothing.  I am not quite sure of what to call was some kind of a decoration. 

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  1. Another great photo.

  2. I thought husband wife on our right and daughter. Twins would be more fun!

  3. I'm guessing brother & sisters, tho maybe not twin girls. Perhaps they were part of a wedding or one of them was getting married and the decorative touches are to signify that? For that matter, it could be husband & wife and sister.


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