Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photo Number 843

This is one of the photos that Kathleen sent me.  Her father Jacob Richter was born in 1898.  He is the Best Man in this wedding photo.  The other people in this photo are unknown.


Kathleen thinks that this photo was taken when her father was 18 to 20 years old.   That would date the photo 1916 to 1918.

I see a strong family resemblance between the boys.  Brothers?  Cousins?  This photograph was most likely taken in the Wadena Minnesota area.

Kathleen wrote “My grandparents lived most of their married lives in Wadena, and my grandmother, Magdalena Leifeld Richter was born in New Trier. My father was raised in Wadena, and my parents lived in Wadena for about 8 years before moving to Wisconsin in 1929 or 1930.”

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  1. They do look like brothers to me - nearly twins.

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if the gentleman being married was Jacob's brother, either Henry or Joseph. I don't see marriage records for them however.

    I don't know if the following gents were cousins but they were married in Minnesota around the time in question.

    Alfred H Richter married Mildred C Freeman on 05 Jun 1918 in Fillmore, Minnesota
    Carl H Richter married Annie M Gloege on 27 Sep 1917 in Carver, Minnesota.

  3. Interesting photo...too bad the names were not shared on the back of the pic.

  4. I did some more digging around. Jacob's father Nick had a brother named John (1827-1903) who had a son named Frank Edward (1892-1966) who married Mary Ann Pitzel Richter (1892 - 1982) around 1917-1918. They lived and died in Wadena, MN so it is possible Jacob and his cousin Frank Edward along with Mary Ann are in this photo.


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